PTR 20

Product Code: 20

Available Sizes:
205088050MM – 5”S/L
2050120070MM (M/O) – 9″M/L
2050105070MM – 9″M/L
2050120070MM – 9″M/L
2050120070MM – 6″M/L
2050108070MM – 9″M/L
2050108070MM – 6″M/L
205098070MM – 6”M/L
205088070MM – 5”M/L

Available Material Types: Steel
Available Color Shades: Wooden
Door Hinges Position: Left, Right

Being created out of high quality galvanised steel with several unique features and a unique finish in a contemporary design, the doors are thick with double structured panels and honey comb material stuffing in between. These steel doors are with wood textures and are concluded with an attention-grabbing durable Matt/ Glossy colour canvas.


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